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Car insurers softening their stance on remote jamming theft incidents

It was back in January 2011 that the first reports of theft by remote jamming began to appear in South African media.

Smokers with HIV far more likely to die of lung cancer

People who are infected with human immunodeficiency virus and who smoke are far more likely to die from lung cancer than HIV, researchers said Monday.

Mozambique and SA joined at the hip

My late grand uncle was called ngamula (town squire) by everyone in the township as he would walk around the neighbourhood in his expensive striped double-breasted suit with a colourful pocket hanker chief and mirror spectacles while carrying a white cane just for show.

A fifth of global deaths linked to diet: study

Fewer children are dying before their fifth birthday and although humans are living longer than ever before, one in five deaths last year were linked to poor diet, researchers said Friday.

Pros and cons of taking sexual enhancement pills

When we think of sexual performance enhancing pills, we often think of old men who need to drink a few before getting their groove on, usually with a young, perky bombshell they would like to impress.

Tattoo ink can seep deep into the body: study

Microscopic particles from tattoo ink can migrate into the body and wind up in lymph nodes, crucial hubs of the human immune system, a study revealed Tuesday.

World lags badly on targets to slash TB, HIV, obesity: study

Not a single country, out of nearly 200 reviewed, was on track to meet the UN target of eliminating new tuberculosis infections by 2030, according to a global health review published Wednesday.

First ever Kota festival event to be hosted in Soweto

The first ever Soweto Kota Festival is scheduled to take place at the newly renovate Soweto Theatre this upcoming weekend, in what the organisers promise to be a day filled with different kinds of Kota’s and amazing fun for both young and old.
An attendee checks out a new iPhone X during an Apple launch event in Cupertino, California, U.S. September 12, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Apple lays claim to smartphone future with new flagship iPhone X

Apple laid claim to the future of the smartphone Tuesday with a 10th anniversary iPhone X, touting the device as the next generation of mobile computing.
Fenty Beauty Match Stix
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How to get 'The Fenty Face': Rihanna unveils debut beauty collection

Shimmer, highlight and glow are the key elements of ‘The Fenty Face', aka the inspiration behind Rihanna's debut makeup collection, which launched on Friday.
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