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Seven cars that moved the world

As the original Fiat 500 celebrates its 60th anniversary, a look back at the cars that took the automobile from expensive curiosity well and truly into the mainstream.

Quadriplegic man regains use of arm in medical first: study

A decade after a bike crash that left an American man paralysed from the shoulders down, he can again feed himself, researchers hailing a medical first reported Wednesday.

Reducing salt intake can cut down on nighttime trips to the bathroom

For those who find their sleep interrupted by nighttime visits to the bathroom, new research suggests that reducing the amount of salt in your diet could reduce your need to pee at night.

Parents playing favourites: Paying more attention to sibling causes 'forgotten child syndrome'

Child pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey was six years old when she was murdered by an alleged intruder in 1996 at her home in Colorado, US.

Place to be for fun and relaxation

After years of only seeing The Carousel Casino when speeding past en route to Polokwane in Limpopo on the N1, I finally got to visit the complex last year to experience the Kofifi Movement evening.

Most mutations in cancer are random DNA mistakes: study

What causes cancer? A new study published Thursday suggests that cells make random mistakes while dividing, accounting for most of the mutations in tumors, rather than family history or environmental factors.
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Sewing a positive future

A group of residents from the Langa community in the Western Cape are sewing their way to a brighter future.
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Watch what you talk about with your friend's partner

Balancing your relationship with your friendships can sometimes be challenging.

My world: Makgati Molebatsi shifts from marketing to the art of fashion

SPONSORED | Marketing-professional-turned-art-adviser Makgati Molebatsi is the embodiment of the Trenery woman’s style and grace.

When it comes to romance we do have a 'type,' suggests new study

If you've ever thought you were always dating the same type of people, then according to new research you might be right, with a new US study finding that the people we date are similar both physically and personality-wise.
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