31 July 2014, 18:08:09

Giraffe dies after bashing its head against N1 bridge

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on Thursday confirmed that a giraffe which was in transit on the N1 bridge has died.

EFF overalls more important than economy?

EFF leader Julius Malema on Thursday vowed to shut down central Johannesburg with a protest against the Gauteng legislature's decision to bar his party's members from wearing their red uniforms.

Ebola: How to protect yourself against the deadly disease

Here's some advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how people can protect themselves against Ebola.

Zuma vigilant on confidentiality because of the DA: Lawyers

President Jacob Zuma wants to keep his communications with the NPA in the so-called spy tapes case secret because the DA could use it against him, his lawyers argue.

Warship on its way to Libya

Greece has sent a navy frigate to Libya to evacuate embassy staff and dozens of its nationals amid deadly clashes between rival militias, a Greek official said on Thursday.

How deadly Ebola can spread in taxis

For scientists tracking the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, it's not about complex virology and genotyping, but about how contagious microbes - like humans - use planes, bikes and taxis to spread.

Immigration rules will not change: Gigaba

The home affairs department will not relax onerous new immigration rules but will fast-track visa centres and biometric-data capturing systems to reduce upheaval, Minister Malusi Gigaba said on Wednesday.

Picture of the day: Service delivery protest or plain theft?

Once again residents of Phomolong informal settlement in Mamelodi looted shops owned by foreigners during a service delivery protest.

15 orgasms a week - for work

With more than 2,000 toys that she test drives, Cara Houiellebecq rakes in £15,000 (R270 000) a year, and 15 orgasms a week.

Marijuana lube: takes your vajayjay on a high

It was Journalist Ashley Hoffman's love of being mellow that led her to Foria, a marijuana vaginal lubricant manufactured exclusively for women by Aphrodite, a California medical marijuana collective.
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